Worry-Free Dentistry Through Sedation

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Have you been avoiding the dentist for months or even years because you’re scared? You’re not alone. Reports indicate that between 5 and 10 percent of Americans struggle with some level of dental anxiety. Unfortunately, putting off treatment can make matters much worse in the long run. If you’re already experiencing some kind of dental discomfort, such as pain or sensitivity, you could have a cavity, an infection, or the early stages of gum disease. Even if your teeth seem fine, if it’s been more than six months since your last checkup, you are overdue for a cleaning. Thankfully, sedation dentistry makes it possible to overcome your dental fears, enabling you to get the preventive or restorative treatment you need.

Understanding Your Options

There are several forms of sedation that can help you push through your anxiety. Nitrous oxide, often called laughing gas, is one of the most common. That is because it is mild enough to be safe for most patients, while greatly relaxing nervous patients.

If your dental anxiety is very strong, though, your dentist may recommend a sedative to be taken either shortly before your procedure or the night before. Both the extent of dental work being completed, and your level of fear, will determine which form of sedation is right for you.

Things to Consider

  • If your anxiety is mild, and mostly because you don’t know what to expect, consider scheduling a consultation with your dentist before your procedure or cleaning. By explaining what your procedure will entail and helping to set your expectations, your dentist can likely relieve much of your anticipatory stress.
  • Make sure you tell your dentist about any medications you’re taking, particularly if you’re interested in sedation dentistry. You should also inform the dentist if you have any kind of heart condition, as this can affect your dental treatment.


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