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Our doctors specialize in cosmetic dentistry. This means that we not only pay attention to the health and function of your teeth, but we also pay close attention to aesthetics. We want you to maintain great oral health, but we also want you to have a beautiful smile and the confidence to smile often!

We can help you visualize and attain the beautiful smile you've always wanted using our expertise and advanced technology. Whether using one procedure, such as veneers, or a combination of procedures, we can transform your smile and help you have the confidence that comes from knowing your smile looks great!


Teeth Whitening

Teeth will naturally lose their brightness over time. Drinking coffee or tea, or using tobacco, as well as certain childhood medications can cause teeth to discolor or darken even faster than normal.
Whitening, also known as bleaching, is the procedure used to brighten teeth. There are two different ways to achieve a desired whiter smile: In-Office Whitening and At-Home Whitening.

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Invisible Braces

SureSmile® orthodontic technology, allows us to customize your treatment in a way that will shift your teeth to their correct position more precisely than ever before.

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Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of porcelain used to recreate the natural appearance of teeth. To place a veneer, a thin layer of the original tooth enamel may need to be removed. Afterward, an adhesive layer is placed between the prepared tooth and the veneer. The adhesive is then hardened with the use of a specialized curing light.

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Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is the process of filling or restoring teeth with a tooth-colored material to improve a tooth’s appearance. To bond a tooth, the composite material is added to the tooth structure to adjust the size, shape, or color of the existing tooth.

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This technique can minimize or eliminate stains, yellowing, or spots by removing a very thin layer of the tooth’s enamel.

Cosmetic Services May Also Include:

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