Why Teeth Whitening is So Popular

Amy Uncategorized

Your smile is one of your most valuable cosmetic features, and next to the eyes, it’s among the first things that people notice about you. While that alone doesn’t explain why teeth whitening is so popular, it does explain why the desire for a bright, beautiful, and stain-free smile is one we all can empathize with. The truth, though, is that stains can mar your smile even in spite of your best efforts to prevent them, which makes convenient professional teeth whitening a necessity for many people.

Why Teeth Stain So Easily

After years of exposure to colorful foods and beverages, it’s natural for your teeth to eventually begin showing the signs in the form of surface stains and discoloration. However, your meals aren’t the only culprits; slacking on your hygiene routine can cause plaque to calcify into irremovable tartar, staining your teeth until your next dental checkup. Habits like chewing and smoking tobacco, or routinely drinking alcohol, can also contribute to noticeable teeth staining.

Teeth Whitening Makes a Bright Smile Easier

The good news is that the most common stains occur on the surfaces of your teeth. Therefore, professional teeth whitening is often the best option for quickly and effectively brightening your smile. Teeth whitening works by chemically breaking up the stains on your teeth’s surfaces quickly and safely, so you can go back to smiling proudly without needing extensive cosmetic dental treatment.