Why Straight Teeth Matter to Your Dental Health

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The visual effects of malocclusion (misaligned teeth) are often noticeable and can diminish your confidence, but if you can live with the misalignment, then should you straighten your teeth, anyway? The answer is yes, straightening crooked teeth is always important, even if your malocclusion doesn’t directly and obviously affect your smile’s appearance. Fortunately, we can help many teens and adults achieve straighter, healthier smiles with the Invisalign® system of clear braces, which are significantly more discreet than traditional orthodontic treatment.

Malocclusion’s Continuing Consequences

Like most dental health issues, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to how your teeth’s orientation. Aside from the appeal of even symmetry, a well-balanced bite can mean the difference between a healthy or unhealthy smile. A direct effect of crooked teeth is an increased risk of dental issues such as tooth decay and gum disease, which can form more easily from bacterial plaque caught in hard-to-reach crevices created by uneven teeth. The odd angles can make effective tooth brushing and flossing difficult, making straighter teeth as much a health concern as it is a cosmetic concern. However, dental diseases aren’t the only risks that malocclusion exposes your smile to; your mouth also relies heavily on proper alignment to function correctly.

The Importance of Correct Alignment

Your jaw’s joints are the most used joints in your entire body. To withstand the stress of repetitive use, your jaw’s joints, or TMJs, are designed to glide and disperse the pressure of your bite evenly along the joint, rather than focusing it on a single point like many other joints in your body. To maintain this balance, healthy teeth should erupt vertically from the gum line, with their occlusal (chewing) surfaces meeting evenly with their opposites when you bite down. If one or more of your teeth aren’t in their proper position, or if their inappropriately angled, then pressure displacement can be disrupted and the imbalance can lead to excessively worn teeth, damaged jaw joints (TMJ disorder), or a host of other subsequent dental health issues.


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