Why Do Dentures Become Loose?

Amy Uncategorized

Today’s dentures are expertly crafted to closely mimic a natural, healthy smile. However, as many denture wearers know, they don’t always fit as well as they’re initially designed to, and readjustments are often a common part of life with dentures. Today, we explain why dentures become loose, and offer a solution that resolves denture slippage and helps preserve your long-term oral health.

It’s What’s Missing That Counts

As lifelike as dentures are, they do not address the fact that you’ve lost the roots of your teeth, as well as their more visible crowns. Conventional dentures rely on special adhesive to secure their gum-colored base to your dental ridge. In the case of an upper denture, the natural suction created by the concave roof of your mouth helps hold the prosthetic in place.

Over time, the base of your dentures may no longer fit snugly on your dental ridge, and your dentures can slip as you bite, chew, and speak. While you might believe that extensive wear on the device is why, the true problem lies with the issue that traditional dentures neglect—the loss of your teeth’s roots.

The Solution to Loose Dentures

Your jawbone and the teeth roots it holds share a special relationship. Your jawbone supplies your teeth with the minerals and nutrients they need through their roots. Conversely, when they’re stimulated by biting and chewing, teeth roots signal your body to send your jawbone an appropriate amount of nutrients. When one or more roots are missing, the nutrient supply to your jawbone diminishes, and over time, it can suffer from the nutrient deficiency.

As your jawbone resorbs, your dental ridges can change, and the dentures that were once designed specifically for your smile will lose their grasp. To prevent jawbone deterioration and denture slippage, your dentist may recommend implant-supported dentures, which rest on a series of dental implants that are surgically inserted into your jawbone. As prosthetic roots, dental implants offer a more secure attachment than adhesives and suction. Also, by restoring the stimulation that was lost with your roots, implants help preserve your jawbone and eliminate the main cause of denture slippage in the first place.