Why Baby Teeth Still Need Care

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Parenting is hard, we know. You have the responsibility of teaching your children right from wrong, how to stay healthy, how to continue growing and learning, and the list goes on. In the busyness of raising kids, it’s natural for some things to fall on the backburner. But there are a number of reasons your kids’ oral hygiene shouldn’t be one of them. Though their baby teeth will someday fall out, that doesn’t mean developing good habits at an early age is in vain. Preventive dental care is crucial in maintaining oral health. Here’s how you can help your kids learn this while they’re young.

Why Your Kids’ Oral Hygiene Habits Matter

Many parents think that oral hygiene only becomes important as children’s permanent teeth begin to erupt. But good dental habits should start early, to prevent infection of the teeth or gums, cavities, as well as to prepare your children for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Important Oral Care Can Still Be Fun

Luckily, there are a number of ways you can make daily tooth brushing and oral care less of a fight, and more fun for the whole family! When your children are old enough to help or to begin brushing their own teeth, here are tips to make it a smoother transition.

  • Letting your children choose their own toothbrushes goes a long way in helping them to take pride in caring for their teeth. You can also let them choose a toothpaste; just steer their choices towards options with fluoride, as this helps strengthen their teeth’s natural enamel.
  • Make brushing a family affair! Brushing your own teeth, alongside your kids, is a wonderful way to show them the proper ways to brush, and floss.
  • A kitchen timer or alarm on your phone can help make sure your kids are brushing long enough. But a more festive way to track the time is by playing a favorite song. The song should be about three minutes long to ensure adequate brushing time. You can even have your kids alternate choosing the song.
  • You’re probably already limiting your kids’ sugar intake, but keep in mind this an important step in preventing cavities. When your children are old enough to understand, you can explain to them the role their diet plays in their oral and overall health.
  • Regular checkups are also essential forms of preventive dentistry. We can identify potential problems early on, and help teach you and your children how to ward them off with proper care. Taking your kids for regular dental checkups and cleanings can also help prevent dental anxiety later in life.


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