Want Fresh Breath and a Healthy Smile? Chewing Gum Could Be the Answer

Amy Uncategorized

There is good news for gum lovers. According to a recent study, there are even more compelling reasons to chew gum than just freshening your breath. Research has indicated that sugar-free gum could help significantly decrease the chance of dental decay, a common problem for kids, teens and adults, alike. The simple act of chewing gum helps to produce saliva, which can naturally protect teeth from harmful plaque buildup, and subsequent acidic erosion. So if you want to care for your smile, while also having minty fresh breath, grab a stick of sugar-free gum!

How Can Gum Help You Care for Your Smile?

Researchers from Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, recently published a study in the British Dental Journal, which indicated that the NHS in England could save over 8 million Euros a year on dental treatments, by simply having 12-year-olds throughout the United Kingdom chew sugar-free gum after drinking and eating.

Gum is no substitute for regular dental care, of course, including brushing and flossing, but research has shown that it could be a helpful supplemental measure in oral care.

According to the study, more than 1 million patients require dental services in the UK, every single week, which adds up to quite a financial burden on the NHS, the National Health Service of Great Britain. Much of that cost stems from restorative treatment for dental cavities, and other results of acidic erosion. And that is precisely where chewing gum comes in, as a helpful means of preventing dental decay, when combined with regular oral care including dental hygiene and preventive checkups.