Teeth and Water Combine for Good Health


Who wouldn’t like a simple, convenient and inexpensive way to help keep teeth healthy? Teeth plus drinking water is a healthful combination any time, but it is especially refreshing (and always healthy!) during warmer summer months. Developing good habits, like brushing twice a day, proper and regular flossing, and visiting our office are all great ideas. Drinking water is great for teeth of any age, and even toddlers can begin to develop great dental habits.

Water Rinses the Teeth

After a meal or a sugary snack, a mouthful of water will rinse food particles from your teeth and gums. Without the sugars and starches to feed on, the bacteria in your mouth will be less active in forming plaque deposits (and creating bad breath) Not only does water remove food particles, but swishing a mouthful of water can help control sticky plaque that does develop. Rinsing and swishing after a meal doesn’t replace preventative dental care, but it makes a good supplement, for an any time, any where mouth refresher.

Replace Sugary Beverages with Water

Sugar from sweetened drinks, juices, and the acids and sugars in sports beverages also provide fuel for the bacteria that are naturally present in your mouth. Diluting these beverages with extra water, or replacing some amount of these less tooth-friendly beverages with water will help your teeth. If you do drink sugary beverages, don’t make it an all-day affair, but drink them at one sitting, and rinse your mouth afterwards.

Water with Fluoride Protects the Teeth

Most municipal water systems add fluoride to the drinking water. Thanks to the investigations of Dr. H. Trendley Dean (and many others) safe amounts of fluoride have been added to public drinking water since the mid-1900s. Fluoride helps prevent teeth from losing vital minerals, and it works with saliva to give added protection to your teeth. There are also treatments available that give teeth safe exposure to higher levels of fluoride under careful supervision in our office.


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