Sweet Tooth Causing You Pain? You Might Need a Tooth Filling

Amy Uncategorized

“Ouch. When did a delicious brownie start to cause dental pain?” When you begin to experience pain or discomfort, especially if it seems isolated to a single tooth, it is very likely due to a cavity. Cavities are so common that almost 90 percent of people will develop a cavity at some point in life. While it’s not a desirable diagnosis, there are simple ways you can cope with a cavity that can help improve your oral health, such as a tooth-colored filling.

Why Prompt Treatment Is Best

If you notice discomfort or pain, you should schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible. Your dentist can check your teeth for cavities, decay or other issues, and recommend restorative treatment accordingly.

Teeth with cavities can become unsightly (you may see grey or black lines or overly white patches), painful, and also difficult to eat with, because of the sensitivity or discomfort caused by the decay.

In most cases, though, a cavity diagnosis will require a simple cleaning and filling to restore your oral health and improve the function of your smile. This can make eating much more enjoyable, and can improve the look of your smile as well.

Sometimes the dentist will also recommend a crown be used to further protect the tooth, particularly if it was a deep cavity. By placing some kind of barrier over the fragile tooth – either a filling, crown or both – the restoration can help prevent further decay or an infection from developing, saving you from the need for more extensive restorative treatment, such as a root canal.