Suffering from Bruxism? Take This Quiz to Find Out

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You would probably know if you were a teeth grinder, right? Most people assume that they would be aware if they were habitually grinding their teeth. But that’s not always the case, and bruxism, or regular teeth grinding, is especially prominent at night when you’re asleep. This can make it extremely difficult to recognize if it is a problem for you. It’s important to find out, though, considering the negative effects bruxism can have on your teeth. So take a few minutes to complete this quiz, which can help you determine if you might be suffering from bruxism without even knowing.

1.        Do You Have Frequent Headaches?

a.) Yes, often, throughout the day.
b.) Yes, but usually in the mornings when I wake up, and always starting at the temple.
c.) Sometimes, but they are sporadic.
d.) I rarely have headaches.

2.        Does Your Jaw Hurt When You’re Eating?

a.) Yes, but only if I’m eating hard foods or candies.
b.) Yes, when I’m eating chewy foods like steak.
c.) Yes, often, regardless of what I’m eating.
d.) Never.

3.        Do Your Teeth Feel Sensitive?

a.) Yes, they’re very sensitive when I eat ice cream or other cold foods.
b.) Yes, they’re sensitive during tooth brushing and eating.
c.) Yes, I recently had a root canal treatment.
d.) No. Never.

4.        Do Your Teeth Look Different Lately?

a.) Yes, I just had them whitened. They look great!
b.) Yes, I have noticed a lot of staining.
c.) Yes, the edges seem more worn.
d.) No. They’re the same as always.

What The Answers Are Saying:

If you answered B, C, B, C there is a high chance that you may be suffering from bruxism. Regular temporal headaches, jaw pain while eating or in general, heightened tooth sensitivity and worn edges of your teeth (or chips, cracks, etc.) can all be signs of bruxism.

You should consult us immediately if there’s a chance you’re suffering from bruxism, as we can offer a number of treatment options that can reduce the chance of further damage to your teeth and lessen your jaw pain.


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