Smile Proudly, Chew Comfortably with a Modern Dental Prosthetic


Did you recently lose a tooth, or have you noticed that your old prosthetics have become more uncomfortable recently? Perhaps you have an extraction scheduled, and are worried what that means for your smile? Whatever the cause of your tooth loss, or discomfort with a current prosthetic, there are a number of ways your restorative dentist could help. From dentures to dental implants, modern dentistry means you don’t have to settle for an incomplete smile or an uncomfortable restoration. Instead enjoy having a smile you can be proud to show off, and what that functions precisely how you need it to, without worrying.

Which Restorative Treatment Is Right for Your Smile?

  • Though partial and full dentures remain popular options, because of their affordability and how quickly they can be completed, they are not ideal for everyone. In fact, many patients find they can move during chewing, which causes them to feel insecure, particularly when enjoying meals with others.
  • To combat this, dental bridges and dental implants provide more stable alternatives to traditional, unsupported dentures. Bridges use dental crowns affixed to adjacent teeth (or crowns stabilized by dental implants) to hold a replacement tooth or teeth in place, providing wearers much more confidence both speaking and chewing.
  • Of course, dental implants are an even more permanent solution to tooth loss, for a number of reasons. First, the titanium post that is used to anchor a replacement tooth will last for life, meaning it never needs replacing or readjusting. Secondly, the post itself acts to nourish and stimulate the jaw, which helps it maintain its structure over time, where other prosthetics are only placeholders for teeth; they cannot mimic natural tooth roots.