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Dental Fillings

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Cavity Treatment with Tooth Colored Fillings

A cavity is a hole in your tooth that forms from tooth decay. When dental plaque is left on your teeth long enough, the bacteria within it produce acids that weaken teeth’s outer layer (called enamel). Eventually, bacteria can slip past weakened enamel and infect the main body of the tooth, leaving a cavity as tooth decay spreads. For mild to moderate cavities, Dr. Keelan can restore your tooth with a filling made from tooth-colored composite resin. If you develop tooth decay, then ask us about the advantages of tooth-colored fillings over metal amalgam fillings.

The Purpose of a Tooth Colored Fillings

As the name suggests, a tooth filling fills the cavity to restore your tooth’s strength. After thoroughly cleaning the infected area, Dr. Keelan will bond the composite resin to seal the tooth. Made from acrylic and finely-ground quartz-like particles, the resin conforms precisely to a cavity’s shape and will blend in naturally with your tooth’s appearance. Once the filling is hardened with a special light, it will strengthen the tooth as well as protect its exposed center from further infection and decay.

The Benefits of a Tooth Colored Resin

Appearance is not the only advantage that composite resin holds over metal amalgam fillings. Unlike metal, the resin can be more securely bonded to your tooth to create a more effective seal against oral bacteria. Also unlike metal, composite resin does not change shape in extreme temperatures and therefore creates less risk of tooth damage and reinfection.


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