Reunion Coming Up? Let a Dental Bridge Prepare Your Smile


Are you nervous about attending the big game, or the party after, because you’ve lost a tooth since you last saw your old classmates? Adult tooth loss is a lot more common than most people realize. So while you may be frustrated about the situation, you shouldn’t let it hold you back from enjoying your life, or stop you from showing off your smile. Dental bridges offer a secure way to replace your tooth, therefore completing your smile and helping you feel like your not-so-old self again!

What Bridges Can Do for Your Smile

Dental bridges are effective ways to cope with the loss of a single tooth, or even a few teeth, because they can hold a prosthetic tooth in place by anchoring it to the remaining teeth surrounding the gap. In this sense, they do exactly as their name implies, and bridge the gap that was created when your tooth fell out or was extracted.

Bridges offer a more stable way to hold your prosthetic, such as a partial denture, in place than adhesive. But they are also less expensive and take less time to complete than dental implants, making them an ideal solution for many patients.

Responding to tooth loss is important to your ability to chew, speak and smile comfortably and confidently. Even when teeth are located in the back of the mouth, and therefore less visible than a missing front tooth, they are still important to the function of your smile. They make chewing easier, for instance. But replacing a missing tooth, like through the addition of a dental bridge, also helps to prevent your existing teeth from shifting to fill the gap, helping preserve your alignment.