Protect Your Smile with Simple Preventive Steps: Part One


Who doesn’t want to enjoy great oral health? Healthy teeth and gums are key to maintaining a beautiful smile, after all, and few assets have more of an affect on how you look or feel. Sure, you already brush your teeth every day, and sometimes you even floss. But is there more that you could be doing to take greater care of your teeth and gums? Your preventive dentist has some simple steps that can be taken to keep your smile looking and feeling great. Best of all, they take very little time, or money, and they can help preserve your healthy smile for years to come!

Why Flossing Is So Essential?

Yes, you have heard it before. You should be flossing everyday. But why? You already brush and use a plaque-fighting mouthwash. Unfortunately both these routines can still leave food particles and bacteria between teeth, where they can feed on sugars and develop acidity which will slowly wear away the enamel of your teeth. Flossing is the best way to remove these particles, which can help protect your teeth, but just as importantly prevent gum disease.

It may be awkward at first, but with practice proper flossing can become as second nature as tooth brushing, and it can greatly improve your oral health in the process.

Water Is Essential for More Than Just Your Body

How many times has your doctor recommended you drink more water? Dehyrdation can be a common cause of headaches, dizziness, extreme thirst and dry mouth, irritability and even confusion. But did you know that staying properly hydrated is also necessary to keeping your smile healthy?

Without enough water, your mouth has a harder time producing saliva, which naturally fights against plaque buildup. So drinking water throughout the day, not just once or twice at meals, can be a simple way to protect your teeth and gums.

If you forget to drink water while sitting at your desk or in the evenings after work, try keeping a simple refillable bottle with you. It is great for the environment, gives you a reason to stretch your legs by going to fill it at the water cooler, and it can make drinking water an easy, healthy habit to form. And that can make your next dental checkup and cleaning go a lot smoother than your last.