Preventive Care for a Fresher Looking Smile: Part One

Amy Uncategorized

Just as there are tricks to feeling young even as you age, such as eating a balanced diet, exercising, and making time to laugh with the people you love, there are tips for keeping your smile looking young, as well. While aging is inevitable, your smile doesn’t have to reveal your true age. With proper preventive care, and often the addition of cosmetic treatment, you can keep showing off those pearly whites with the kind of confidence you felt as a kid.

Drink More Water for Better Oral Health

There are a number of reasons to drink plenty of water each day, not the least of which is your oral health. Not only is water important to keeping you hydrated, it’s imperative for preventing dry mouth which can be uncomfortable, and can also lead to tooth decay.

If you are experiencing dry mouth, potentially due to medications you’re taking, talk to your dentist during your next checkup about ways to keep your mouth better hydrated.

Skip The Sugar for a Healthy Smile

Sugar can do a lot more than expand your waistline. Too much consumption of sugar, either in sweetened beverages like sodas or even fruit juices, or the form of treats like candy, cookies, etc. can cause teeth to decay. If you want to prevent cavities, gum disease and other dental problems – as well as general health problems – diligently watch your sugar intake, which means limiting obvious sweets but also reading the labels of the foods you buy. If sugar is one of the first ingredients, skip it.