Permanent Help for Tooth Loss


After years of wear and tear, it’s not uncommon for adults to face dental problems. Even adult tooth loss is not uncommon. Whether due to gum disease, trauma, an infection, or other circumstances, it can be hard dealing with the loss of a tooth. Partial dentures, fake teeth known as pontics, and crowns can all be used to help complete a smile. These are often held in place through the use of dental bridges or dental adhesives. But dental implants are one of the most secure ways to restore a smile after tooth loss. In fact, they offer a permanent restoration that can give patients confidence, both in their smiles and their ability to return to life as usual.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant consists of a titanium post that is surgically inserted into your jawline. This post is then attached to a replacement tooth (either a denture, pontic or a dental crown), using an abutment, which joins the other pieces. Together, these make for the most stable form of restoration after tooth loss or an extraction.

The post is made of biocompatible titanium, which is not only strong and durable; it also allows your body to accept it. Your bones and gum tissue will actually grow around the post to further secure it in place, offering an incredibly stable base for your fake tooth.

Patients that choose dental implants are able to return to chewing, like normal, because of how close the implant is to a natural tooth and its root.

Are There Other Benefits of Dental Implants?

An added benefit of dental implants, is that they help to nourish your jaw, by providing it with the same nutrients it would receive from a healthy tooth root, preventing bone loss and misalignment of your remaining teeth.

Even if your missing tooth isn’t in a highly visible or heavily used area of your mouth, restoration can still prevent your teeth from shifting, causing pain and the need for orthodontic treatment.


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