Need Root Canal Treatment? You Should Know This


No one likes to be told that their dental health is in bad shape, much less that they need root canal therapy to fix it. However, despite the fact that needing root canal treatment means your tooth is severely infected, it also means you still have a chance to save it and avoid needing tooth extraction and replacement. If you need root canal treatment, then you should know these few things about the benefits of the procedure and how you can protect the tooth and your smile afterward.

The pain will go away

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the inner structures of your tooth (its pulp chamber and root canal) become infected with decay. The pulp houses your tooth’s nerves and blood vessels, and when they become infected, the pain can become excruciating. Root canal treatment is often the only way to remove the infection from your tooth, and therefore, eliminate the pain resulting from it.

Your tooth can last for life now

When your tooth is internally infected, it’s only a matter of time before the infection becomes so severe that the tooth has to be extracted, or it falls out on its own. However, if you can stop the infection and restore the remaining healthy tooth structure, then you can save the tooth. Root canal therapy is the only option to do this once your tooth has become internally infected.

You still have to protect the tooth

Removing an infection from your tooth pulp and root canal saves the tooth, but to keep it, you have to protect. To do so, your dentist might suggest placing a custom-designed dental crown over the tooth after your root canal treatment has been completed.

Learn More About the Need for Root Canal Treatment

If you’re worried about undergoing root canal treatment, then understanding your condition and the procedure better can help put your mind at ease. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Keelan Dental in Butler, PA, at (724) 256-4612. Our Smile Certified experts happily serve patients from Butler, Cranberry Township, Mars, Pittsburgh, Butler County, and all surrounding communities.