Keep Your Smile Healthy By Resolving to Have Great Dental Hygiene


If you want to have a slimmer body, you have probably already made resolutions to eat healthier foods and to hit the gym a little more often. You might also have made other goals to keep your body and mind in great shape, like reading more frequently, watching less T.V., and spending more time learning and de-stressing. But what will you resolve to do, to take care of your smile? After all, it is one of your greatest assets. There are actually several simple steps you can take, to make this your smile’s best year yet!

The Basic Steps to Great Preventive Care

Most people know they should brush and floss daily, but a surprising number of adults don’t know how often or when to brush their teeth, or if it even matters, much less the proper technique for flossing. Learning both, can help make your hygiene routine far more effective at preventing cavities and other dental problems, like gum disease.

  • Most people need to brush once in the morning and once at night, either after dinner or before bed, if they have a tendency to snack after supper. The main point is to brush away the food particles from your teeth before going to bed, in order to prevent how long they remain in the mouth, potentially leading to problems.
  • But it’s also advisable to brush a third time, after lunch. This can also help keep your teeth clean, and limit the time plaque bacteria have to multiply in the mouth.
  • Flossing is also essential, because it helps eliminate bacteria that brushing alone can leave behind. Be sure to use enough floss to carefully move between each and every tooth, with a clean piece of floss. This is important, or else you may only be moving the bacteria from one place to another. And always move the floss gently, not in a jerking motion. You can watch tutorials of proper flossing technique online, or, make a note to ask your dentist about it at your next dental checkup.