Implant Dentistry Can Stabilize Weakened Smiles

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As dentists, our main goal is to help our patients protect their natural smiles. That means addressing potential problems early on, and taking any steps necessary to preserve their existing teeth. One way we can help do so in the case of a missing tooth or teeth, is through the use of dental implants to keep the surrounding teeth safe and strong. Without proper care, a missing tooth can wreak havoc on an otherwise well-aligned smile. That’s why we work to first restore the structural integrity of the smile, before moving on to restore it cosmetically.

Titanium Implant Posts Secure Crowns, Preserve Natural Alignment, and Stimulate Nerves for Healthier Gums

The root-shaped titanium posts used for dental implants serve a myriad of functions, in improving patients’ oral health.

  1. They serve as a stable anchor for crowns or dentures, which are the best way to improve speaking and chewing abilities after the loss of a tooth or teeth.
  2. The use of implants also prevents teeth surrounding a gap from trying to move into the vacant spot. This helps to maintain a patient’s natural alignment, and prevents the need for later orthodontia.
  3. Because of the titanium’s biocompatibility, its insertion in the jawbone can actually stimulate and nourish the nerve cells, much like the way a natural tooth root would. This helps maintain jawbone and gum health.
  4. In many cases, dental implants can provide current denture wearers with more comfortable-fitting and more natural-looking smiles.

We work closely with all our patients to choose the most effective and least-invasive treatment options suitable for their circumstances. If you’re unhappy with your current smile’s missing teeth, or the fit or esthetics of your replacement teeth, now is a great time to explore the benefits of dental implants!

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