If You’re In Severe Dental Pain an Extraction May Be Needed


“Ouch!” Is one of your teeth causing you excruciating pain? Generally the more severe your dental pain has become, the more likely there is a serious problem. In cases of extreme pain it’s quite possible you have an abscessed tooth, which can be caused by a very bad cavity. If a tooth has become too infected to be saved by root canal treatment, an extraction may become necessary. Other common issues that may necessitate an extraction include trauma, like a severe chip or a crack, impacted molars or even gum disease. If so, the good news is that the procedure should be comfortable and there are a number of prosthetic options available to help you complete your smile afterwards. Just don’t delay a dental visit, as your pain and symptoms are likely to worsen. Restorative treatment, like an extraction, could help eliminate your pain and get you smiling again.

When Extraction Is Necessary

Extractions are considered last resorts by many dentists, except in the case of third molars (often called wisdom teeth) which must frequently be extracted. Most human mouths can only comfortably fit 28 teeth, and since supernumerary teeth (wisdom teeth) often cause crowding, they must generally be removed. But regardless of the cause for the extraction, the procedure itself is similar.

What the Procedure Will Entail

The dentist will likely use a combination of anesthesia and a sedative to help keep you comfortable during the procedure. A local anesthesia can help to numb the area surrounding your tooth being extracted, while a sedative can help to keep you calm both before, during and after the procedure, depending on the type chosen.

Talk to your dentist about your options prior to the procedure, as a simple oral sedative is often enough to help even extremely anxious patients seek restorative treatment with less fear. Most importantly, don’t put off the dental visit, when an extraction could be the very best way to end your dental pain.