How Invisalign® Improves Your Oral Health


Malocclusion—the state of crooked teeth—is a common problem, and most people would prefer that their teeth were straighter. However, many adults would prefer not to wear metal braces for fear that their embarrassment will only grow. The good news about Invisalign® clear aligners is that they can help you achieve the attractive smile you deserve while avoiding traditional orthodontic treatment. Invisalign® can also help you improve your oral health long after you’ve completed treatment.

Straighter Teeth

Crooked teeth pose a number of problems for your oral health; they’re harder to clean, which makes them more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. They also throw your bite off balance and are more likely to be worn down or damaged. By straightening crooked teeth, Invisalign® can help you reduce your risk of dental complications.

Easier Hygiene

With Invisalign®, you don’t have to wait until your treatment is complete and your teeth are straight to enjoy better hygiene. Unlike braces, which are bonded to your teeth, Invisalign® consists of clear, removable aligners. By taking them off temporarily, you can more effectively brush and floss away plaque and food particles without having to maneuver around brackets and wires.

No Bonded Brackets

In addition to easier hygiene, Invisalign® is kinder to your teeth compared to brackets that are semi-permanently bonded to your teeth. After traditional braces are removed, the brackets can leave noticeably discolored areas on your teeth. In some cases, removing them may even slightly damage the tooth structure. By contrast, Invisalign’s clear acrylic aligners can be placed and removed easily and leave no permanent marks on your teeth.

Find Out How Invisalign® Can Help You

Invisalign® offers a wide variety of benefits over traditional braces. To find out how Invisalign® can help you, schedule an appointment by calling our team today at (724) 285-4153.