Help Your Kids Grow Up with Healthy Smiles


Even if your kids still have their baby teeth, it’s not too soon to start teaching them about preventive dental care. In fact, regardless of age, proper oral hygiene is crucial to ensuring a lifetime of oral health. Teaching your kids about proper dental hygiene at home is a great start, but so is taking them to the dentist. That’s because your dentist can help take care of your kids’ teeth through regular cleanings and fluoride treatments, which help protect their smiles from all the sugar they throw at them.

What Does Fluoride Do?

Fluoride offers a number of benefits that help to protect kids’ teeth. First, it is able to attach to the teeth’s enamel, which helps to strengthen the teeth. It also makes teeth more slippery, so that bacteria and food particles are more likely to slide off of them, than to sit. Since cavities form when bacteria remains on teeth, and slowly erodes the enamel, causing dark spots and sometimes pain in the process, reducing bacteria’s ability to rest on the teeth helps to prevent cavities from forming.

How Else Can I Protect My Kids Teeth?

Some kids are genetically more prone to cavities than others, but most American children are at a high risk of developing cavities due to the high level of sugar and refined starches in most Americans’ diets. The reason this is a problem, is because sugar breaks down quickly in the mouth, providing a source of energy on which bacteria can feed.

By limiting sugary drinks and foods, you can help protect your kids’ teeth from cavities and decay. Keep in mind, though, that candies and desserts are not the only foods high in sugar. Fruit juices and sports drinks are also often laden with added sugar, as are many packaged products, from spaghetti sauce to yogurts. Paying attention to the sugar content in the foods you give your kids, and also making sure they brush their teeth regularly can help. But don’t forget to schedule those regular checkups and cleanings as well, to give your kids the best shot at maintaining beautiful smiles as they grow!


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