Heading Back-to-School with Healthy Smiles


With summer winding down, you’re probably gearing up to take the kids back-to-school. And chances are you already have a lengthy list of to-do’s to tackle before that first school bell dings. But, there are a lot of reasons to add one more box to check off, and that’s dental checkups and cleanings for the family. Preventive care, including regular checkups and cleanings, are essential to helping your kids maintain healthy smiles, and what better way to start a new school year than with shiny white smiles?

Combining Forces to Grow Happy Kids and Healthy Smiles

Hopefully you have already taught your kids the importance of caring for their teeth. Daily brushing and flossing, as soon as they are able to hold a brush (usually about the time they can tie their shoes), can help take care of their baby teeth, now. But it will also help them develop good hygiene habits that can last a lifetime.

But everyone, even those with great at-home care, still need to see the dentist regularly to remove plaque buildup that can lead to both cavities and gum disease. By removing plaque, the dentist can help restore your child’s oral health, and help protect his or her smile.

Ask About Extras

During a visit to your pediatric dentist, you can also ask if your children would benefit from fluoride treatments. Fluoride can help further protect fragile teeth from cavities, by creating a seal that makes foods and drinks more likely to slide off the teeth, than stay on and slowly erode the enamel.