Graduate In Style with Smile Improvements

Amy Uncategorized

After four long years of hard work, are you finally ready to start your new life, after college? If so, surely you want to put your best face forward. In fact, you may have already invested in a power suit, for those ever-important job interviews, and maybe a new outfit or two for your celebratory vacation, as well. But have you done anything to make sure your smile is ready for that hard-earned walk across the stage, and more importantly the exciting things to come? If not, it’s time to talk to your cosmetic dentist about how he or she could help prepare your smile for your big moment and beyond!

Which Treatment Is Right for Your Smile?

There are a number of cosmetic dental treatments that are both effective and fast. Professional teeth whitening, for instance, can dramatically lighten teeth, giving your entire smile a fresher, brighter and more youthful look. If you spent your entire college experience existing on coffee, teeth whitening might be a great solution for you.

For more drastic concerns, though, cosmetic dentists provide a number of ways to quickly enhance the smile’s natural beauty. Cosmetic bonding and contouring, for instance, can generally be completed in less than an hour. Plus, they’re affordable, making them great options for people on a budget, and under time constraints. Bonding can be used to hide gaps between teeth, uneven edges, and to correct disproportionally small or misshapen teeth, while contouring is generally used to smooth edges, minimize overlapping, or to reduce the size of overly large teeth.

Of course, veneers provide similar improvements with even longer-lasting results, making them a great long-term investment in one of your most important assets of all, your smile. And many modern dentists are now able to provide veneers, quickly, with little preparation to your existing teeth.

The best way to choose a treatment is to be honest with your dentist about your esthetic concerns, and your lifestyle, especially if you want to enjoy long-lasting improvements. And keep in mind that a beautiful smile starts with great oral health, so don’t skip out on regular dental checkups and cleanings, or on regular hygiene at-home!