Got Questions? How Your Cosmetic Dentist Can Help


If you want a quick smile fix, it can be tempting to rush to the pharmacy for the latest, greatest teeth whitening product. You’ll find plenty of options, too, all touting the ability to give you beautiful pearly whites. But how many of those products can actually deliver on their promise? Will you be satisfied with the results? How long will the whitening last, if it does work? Clearly you have questions? Instead of relying on marketing hype to answer them, talk to your cosmetic dentist, who can answer those questions and more, like provide you with treatments designed to truly transform your smile, safely and efficiently!

Want Whitening? What to Consider

There are some over-the-counter treatment options, which can help lighten teeth. But few are designed to provide as dramatic results as professional whitening, and they do not come with the added expertise a cosmetic dentist can offer.

Furthermore, many people complain about increased sensitivity while using over-the-counter whitening products. In order to enhance your smile, without unknowingly damaging your enamel, follow any whitening directions closely, and contact your dentist if you notice heightened sensitivity, as the product could be too harsh, coming into contact with your sensitive gum tissue, or even irritating an untreated cavity.

More Than Staining Got You Down?

While stains and discolorations are the most common cosmetic dental complaints, they’re hardly the only issue that can affect a smile. Gaps between teeth, minor chips, severe wear and disproportionally sized and shaped teeth are also common. To address these, a cosmetic dentist might recommend either bonding or veneers, both of which offer unique benefits.

Bonding, for instance, is one of the fastest ways to improve a smile. It often takes less than an hour, and it’s considerably less expensive than porcelain veneers. Where veneers shine, however, is in their longevity, as they’re more stain-resistant and durable than the material used for cosmetic bonding, making them a longer-lasting alternative for fixing smile concerns.