Get Answers About Your Chronic Jaw Pain

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Taking good care of your smile is often as simple as brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing at least once, and visiting your dentist twice a year. Yet, the issues that could potentially threaten your oral health can sometimes be much more complex, particular issues with your jaw joints (TMJs) and muscles. For instance, when you experience chronic jaw pain, the symptom could be an indication of a number of different issues. In many cases, though, it’s due to a dysfunction known as TMJ disorder, which can describe a variety of issues involving the health, function, and alignment of your TMJs.

What is a TMJ Disorder?

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a blanket term that encompasses a variety of different issues with your jaw function. If one or both TMJs are overstressed, inflamed, misaligned, or experiences degradation of cartilage, then your jaw may have trouble opening and closing comfortably. You might also experience a range of symptoms, including jaw pain, chronic migraines, tinnitus, or more.

Is the Condition Preventable?

Because TMJ disorders can be caused by several different issues, some instances are preventable while others may not be. For example, TMJ disorder caused by misaligned teeth might be preventable with timely orthodontic treatment to straighten your bite. If your jaw is overstressed due to bruxism, then bruxism treatment might help you stop to alleviate or prevent TMJ disorder.

How Can Your Dentist Treat It?

Treating your TMJ disorder depends on diagnosing the factors behind it first. Orthodontic and bruxism treatment are just two of many potential treatments that can improve your bite’s alignment and function, lowering your risks of TMJ disorder. If you already experience discomfort, then a custom-made appliance may be able to help your jaw rest more comfortably so its joints and muscles can heal.

Find Out if TMJ Treatment Can Help You

If your jaw hurts and you find it difficult to bite and chew comfortably, then ask your dentist if TMJ treatment can help you find relief. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Keelan Dental in Butler, PA, at (724) 285-4153. Our Smile Certified experts happily serve patients from Butler, Cranberry Township, Mars, Pittsburgh, Butler County, and all surrounding communities.