Fix Your Smile Woes Fast with Cosmetic Bonding

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Are you gearing up for a spring graduation? How about a once-in-a-lifetime summer vacation? Will you soon be saying “I do” to the love of your life? Whatever life event has you most excited, chances are you want to be ready for it, and the requisite photo ops, with a beautiful smile! Fortunately, no matter how quickly that milestone is coming, you still have a chance to fix your smile concerns with cosmetic bonding. Bonding is a fast, minimally invasive and affordable procedure that can help correct a wide array of esthetic dental issues. So before you start your next grand adventure, get ready for it with a great smile!

What Can Cosmetic Bonding Do?

Similar to cosmetic veneers, cosmetic bonding can help address a number of concerns. From minor issues related to the shape or size of teeth, to worn edges caused by grinding or normal wear and permanent staining, bonding can help hide those imperfections. In fact, it can even be used to close minor gaps between the teeth. However, unlike veneers, bonding is fast and affordable.

How Does Bonding Work?

To complete cosmetic bonding, the dentist will first consult with you about both your concerns and your desires for seeking treatment. Once a plan is in place, the dentist will then apply composite resin to your teeth, which can be molded to help correct the esthetic issues. Once completed, a light can help harden the resin, making it a durable enhancement. In fact, it is the same material often used to create modern dental fillings, which create tight seals but are also esthetically pleasing, since they can be made to closely match your natural teeth, creating a nearly seamless restoration.