Enjoy An Apple A Day Through Dental Implants


Has it been years since you last enjoyed a bite of a crispy apple? What about a wonderfully prepared steak? For many patients that have suffered tooth loss, it can be difficult to enjoy meals with their incomplete smiles. Even those that have sought restorative treatment are sometimes unhappy with the results. Dentures can sometimes slip while chewing, making it difficult to sit down for dinner confident in one’s ability to make it through the meal without embarrassment or discomfort. But dental implants can offer peace of mind and improved bite function, by offering a stable way to cope with tooth loss.

How Implants Are Different from Other Smile Restorations

For patients unhappy with their current restorations, or those who have recently lost a tooth or had one extracted, dental implants can be a great way to improve the function of their smiles.

Implants use titanium posts to anchor replacement teeth, whether crowns, dentures, or in conjunction with a dental bridge. Once the post has been surgically inserted, your tissue will actually grow right around it in a process called osseointegration. When this process is completed the post will closely mimic your natural tooth’s root. This not only helps stabilize the replacement tooth or teeth you have chosen, but it also helps continue providing nourishment to your jaw, which can help maintain your teeth’s structure and your oral health, in general.

While dental implants are one of the most extensive restorative treatment options, and one of the most expensive, they are a great investment in the health, stability and appearance of your smile!