Enhance Your Smile with Bonding and Contouring

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Have chips in your teeth or wear at the edges kept you hiding your smile? Are some of your teeth bigger than they should be or overlapping slightly? Dental bonding and contouring could be the ideal solution. When the concerns with your teeth are primarily cosmetic, bonding and contouring are some of the fastest and safest ways to improve your smile. Not only are they minimally-invasive, they are quickly accomplished and they can achieve drastic results with very little damage to your teeth!

Create a More Symmetrical, Even Smile with Bonding, Contouring or Both

Whether you’re bothered by chipped or jagged edges, minor stains, or even gaps between your teeth, bonding and contouring can often be combined to create a more uniform smile.

  • In the case of overly large or slightly overlapping teeth, contouring can be used to make the teeth smaller and fit together better. In some cases this even improves a person’s bite and function, without necessitating costly and time-consuming orthodontic treatment.
  • Bonding is used when a tooth is too small, or when there are gaps in the smile. It can be used to create more smooth and symmetrical tooth edges, and unlike veneers it requires very little damage to the existing teeth. Bonding involves affixing a composite resin to the tooth’s surface. The resin is crafted to match the shade of your teeth, and contouring can be used so that the resin matches your teeth’s natural contours as well.

Benefits Specific to Bonding and Contouring

  • Less expensive than many other cosmetic treatments
  • Have little effect on your existing teeth
  • Treatments can be done quickly, usually in one visit
  • Most do not require anesthesia
  • Are safe, affordable ways to address chipped or broken teeth of children or adolescents


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