Dine In Confidence with Dental Implants


Most of us enjoy taking time to talk and laugh with our friends and family, and sharing meals together is often a big part of that. The act of sitting down together and metaphorically breaking bread is a time-honored tradition, one that often brings people closer together. However, if you’ve lost a tooth or teeth, then you know how embarrassing it can be to try to speak with the people you love, much less to try to share a meal with them. Thankfully, dental implants can take the worry out of eating, by providing a way to complete your smile cosmetically, as well as to restore its normal function.

What Is a Dental Implant And How Does It Work?

A dental implant is a small, root-shaped post made of titanium, which helps to anchor either a dental crown, partial or complete denture in its proper place. The implant serves two primary functions. First, it helps to anchor your replacement tooth securely. This allows you to be able to speak and chew more naturally and confidently, without fear that your pontic, or fake tooth, will shift around uncomfortably or even fall out.

Secondly, thanks to the titanium’s high biocompatibility, a dental implant can actually promote the health of the jawbone. In a healthy mouth, the act of biting helps supply nutrients to the jawbone, and in the case of a dental implant, this source of nutrition is restored, helping a patient to maintain his or her overall oral health.

Because of these special benefits, dental implants are often our recommended form of restoring a smile after the loss of a tooth or even teeth. Even patients that currently have partial dentures or dental bridges may benefit from having dental implants placed instead.


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