Crowns Can Help Improve Your Smile


Worried about seeking restorative treatment because you think it will mean the end of your beautiful smile. If so, take a deep breath and relax. You no longer have to settle for ill-fitting or unattractive restorations. Modern dentistry makes it possible to care for dental problems without sacrificing the esthetics of your smile in the process. Whether being used to protect damaged teeth or even replace missing ones, many dentists rely on porcelain dental crowns because of both their strength and their customizability. If you’ve delayed smile-saving measures due to esthetic concerns, your restorative dentist can put your mind at ease and improve your smile.

Crowns Can Help You Cope with Minor Problems

Dental crowns are frequently used for addressing cavities and other minor issues, like chips or cracks. That’s because they’re strong enough to bear the brunt of your chewing, while protecting the fragile tooth within. If you want to prevent a dental issue from worsening with time, it’s important to create a protective barrier around it.

In the case of cavities, a simple tooth filling is sometimes sufficient for protecting the tooth. However if the cavity was particularly deep, or if you needed root canal treatment to address a cavity that led to an infection, you may need a dental crown for added protection.

They Can Also Complete a Smile After Tooth Loss

Many dentists use dental crowns as part of prosthetic treatment after tooth loss. Crowns can be used as part of a dental bridge or a dental implant, both of which offer beautiful and sturdy ways to complete smiles.

If you have lost a tooth or had one extracted, a bridge or implant can help you bounce back.