Could Veneers Be Right for You?

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Most everyone wants to have a dazzling smile to show the world. But if you are feeling insecure about your smile, then now is a perfect time to see how cosmetic treatment could help. Minor imperfections in your teeth, problems with alignment, staining and other minor flaws could all be corrected quickly with veneers. So if you have been tempted to hide your pearly whites, for fear that all other people will see is the imperfections, it is time to consider how porcelain veneers could enhance your smile and increase your confidence.

How to Determine If You Are a Good Candidate for Veneers?

If your oral health is good, but you have concerns with the appearance of your smile, then veneers could be a great option for cosmetic treatment.

Here are a few of the many issues that can be corrected through the use of veneers:

  • Staining that is too deeply set or dark for whitening treatment to be effective
  • Minor chips or cracks that are cosmetic, but not structural concerns
  • Worn or jagged edges along your teeth
  • Teeth that are disproportionally small or misshapen
  • Small gaps between the teeth

What Are the Benefits of Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers can be particularly useful for cosmetic treatment, because of how many cosmetic concerns they can address at once. They also require little alteration to your existing teeth, and are a durable form of treatment. In fact, the dental porcelain used to create custom-made veneers, very closely emulates the strength of your teeth’s natural enamel.

Porcelain is an ideal material for cosmetic treatments, because not only is it strong and stain-resistant, it is also incredibly customizable. From the shape and shade of your teeth, to their natural translucency, the porcelain will be carefully crafted to suit your ideal smile.


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