Could a Tooth-colored Filling Be a Good Fit for Your Smile?

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Is your mouth currently filled with gold fillings that irritate you when you drink iced water, or leave you feeling shy and embarrassed every time you smile? Maybe you have recently developed a cavity, that needs restorative treatment. If so, it is time to explore tooth-colored fillings, and the unique benefits they can offer your smile. From replacing outdated or failing fillings, to protecting teeth recently made fragile by dental decay, don’t wait any longer to see if tooth-colored fillings could help give you a healthier and more beautiful smile!

When Are Fillings the Answer?

You may already know that dental fillings are frequently advised for treating cavities. But do you know what purpose they serve?

Cavities occur when acid erosion due to plaque buildup deteriorates the outer layer of the tooth, the enamel, exposing the layer beneath it, the dentin. Because the dentin is far more sensitive than the enamel, many people realize they have a cavity because they begin experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks.

A filling works to protect this damaged tooth, by creating a tight seal around the eroded area. This filling can also bear the brunt of your biting, so the weakened tooth is less likely to crack or chip.

Why Choose a Tooth-colored Filling?

Though metal amalgam fillings are still offered by many dentists, they are not always the best option. For patients with metal allergies or sensitivities, for instance, metal fillings can become uncomfortable, particularly during eating and drinking.

They are also far more noticeable than tooth-colored fillings. In fact, the esthetic benefits are one of the primary reasons many restorative dentists now recommend tooth-colored fillings for restoring teeth!