Common Treatments for Chronic Toothaches

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When many people experience a chronic toothache, they may try a wide variety of home remedies in their quest to alleviate it. The problem is, the pain always comes back, and it’s often worse than it was before. That’s because most chronic toothaches are caused by an underlying problem with your tooth or its surrounding tissues, and such problems grow worse the longer they’re left untreated. Today, we examine two common treatments that your dentist can use to address the cause of your toothache, which in many cases, turns out to be progressive tooth decay.

A tooth-colored filling

The development of a cavity is one of the most frequent causes of toothaches, and many patients find relief only after their dentist treats and fills the cavity. A cavity is caused by tooth decay, which is the progressive destruction of your tooth due to harmful oral bacteria. By cleaning the bacteria out of the cavity and filling it to restore the lost tooth structure, your dentist can treat the cause of your tooth pain and stop its destruction.

Root canal therapy

If you have a severe toothache related to tooth decay, then the decay may have reached the interior pulp chamber of the tooth. If so, then your dentist may have to remove the tissues from within the pulp and root canal, then seal the canal and chamber to protect and fortify them. Known as root canal therapy, the procedure removes the nerves along with other soft tissues, then rebuilds the tooth’s strength, curing your toothache while also preserving the healthy tooth structure that remains.

Find the Best Treatment to Cure Your Toothache

A chronic toothache typically means there’s a problem with your tooth or oral tissues that needs to be addressed. To learn more about the most common ways to treat it, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Keelan Dental in Butler, PA, at (724) 285-4153. Our Smile Certified experts happily serve patients from Butler, Cranberry Township, Mars, Pittsburgh, Butler County, and all surrounding communities.