Can Restorative Dentistry Correct Your Smile? Part Two


Still not sure if you need to visit the restorative dentist, or worse, afraid to go for an appointment? Keep in mind that a prompt trip to the dentist is often the best way to save a damaged tooth, not to mention to eliminate any discomfort you’re experiencing because of a dental problem. So stop waiting for a flashing sign that says “Call the dentist,” or hoping the problem will fix itself. Instead make an appointment so the dentist can help restore your smile and your comfort, quickly!

I’m worried I have an infection. What can be done?

Many people delay treatment, specifically out of fear that the dentist will recommend removing a tooth. However, this is generally a last resort for restorative dentists, to be advised only when other options are no longer viable.

Even if you have missed the opportunity to address a cavity through a simple dental filling, your dentist may still be able to use root canal treatment in order to save an infected tooth. In fact, this treatment is designed to effectively stop an infection, while still preserving the tooth!

What if I do need an extraction?

Even if you do need an extraction, there is no need to worry. Sedation and/or anesthetics will be used to keep you comfortable while the dentist carefully removes your tooth.

And remember, in some cases, such as with wisdom teeth, you can actually be much more comfortable after an extraction.

Whether it’s used to remove a badly infected or damaged-tooth, or one that doesn’t have space to fit properly (as is often the case with wisdom teeth), an extraction is sometimes the best course of action for your entire smile!