Can Restorative Dentistry Correct Your Smile? Part One

Amy Uncategorized

Whether you’re experiencing discomfort, pain, or are just tired of looking at a damaged tooth, you probably already know that a visit to the restorative dentist could help. But have fears or anxiety about visiting the dentist stopped you from getting the help your smile needs? Do you worry that you will end up with an ugly or ill-fitting restoration, one that will mar your otherwise beautiful smile? Are you convinced an extraction is the only way to end your dental pain? If so, it’s time to dispel those fears, so you can seek the treatment you need to restore and protect your smile!

What can be done if I have a cavity?

Most cavities can be treated simply, through either a thorough cleaning and a filling, or sometimes a dental crown. Root canal treatment may also be necessary if the cavity has progressed for a long time; this is actually a compelling reason to seek treatment quickly.

Fortunately, modern dentistry provides many seamless options for restoring smiles, including tooth-colored resin, and porcelain dental crowns, designed to closely match existing teeth. That allows you to improve the function and appearance of your smile in one single step.

I’m scared to visit the dentist? Can anything help?

For patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety, many restorative dentists offer sedation. This can help ease fears, and enable nervous patients to remain calm before and after an appointment.

Anesthesia can also be used to ensure your comfort, so there is really no reason to delay potentially smile-saving dental treatment.