Can Porcelain Veneers Fix That?


Have you always dreamed of having a Hollywood-worthy smile? You don’t have to make it to the big screen, or even move to California, in order to have a dazzling smile! Porcelain veneers can help hide a number of imperfections, and give you a beautiful smile. Plus, the results can be incredibly long-lasting, thanks to porcelain’s durability and its strain-resistance. So if you would like to stop wishing for a whiter or more beautiful smile, talk to your cosmetic dentist about the benefits of porcelain veneers. Chances are, the imperfections that have you feeling insecure right now, could be fixed with cosmetic veneers, quickly!

Some of my teeth look too small. What are my options?

Cosmetic bonding offers a fast way of addressing teeth that are disproportionally small. But the material used is not naturally as stain-resistant as porcelain, so many people will need to repeat the procedure after several years. On the other hand, veneers can last more than a decade with proper dental care, making them a great choice for correcting teeth that seem disproportional or even misshapen.

I’m worried my staining is intrinsic. What can be done?

Though professional whitening can be helpful in many instances, it is not always the best way to brighten a smile. In the case of permanent, or intrinsic stains, veneers offer a wonderful solution.

They can actually correct a number of issues at once, including staining and also size or shape issues.

I have a few minor gaps between my teeth. Are braces the only solution?

If your alignment issues are purely cosmetic, and don’t require orthodontic treatment in order to improve the functionality of your bite, then veneers can actually be a great alternative! They can effectively hide minor gaps between teeth, without the need for more extensive dental work, such as orthodontia.