Can My Chipped Tooth be Fixed?


Maybe you are sitting at the breakfast table enjoying a pecan roll with your breakfast. Maybe you were playing basketball years ago and took an elbow to the jaw. Maybe you have always had a small imperfection that shows when you smile.  Chipped teeth can happen at any time, and any age, but they don’t have to be a permanent part of your smile. Restorative and cosmetic procedures can fix tooth chips, and bring back a functional and natural smile.

How Dental Bonding Repairs a Chip

At your consultation appointment, we can discuss options for repairing a chip. Small areas can be built out to match the original shape of the tooth. This is an office procedure, and can be done in a single appointment. The area to receive the bonding resin is slightly roughened, and a chemical is applied to hold the resin in place. The resin is chosen to specifically match the color of the existing portion of the tooth, and is carefully sculpted to replace the bit that is missing. The resin and adhesive are then hardened together with ultraviolet light. Once completed the bonded area will be an almost invisible part of your natural tooth.

How Dental Contouring Repairs a Chip

While dental bonding adds to repair a chip, dental contour removes a very small amount of enamel to smooth a chip. This is also an office procedure. A small instrument is used to sand the chipped area so it matches the rest of the tooth. Then the area is polished, so it will blend in.  A contoured tooth will look like any other natural tooth.

Preventing Chips in the Future

While there is no guarantee you won’t experience a chipped tooth at some time in your life, there are things you can do to reduce the likelihood of a chip:


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