Bonding and Contouring: Fast Ways to Fix Smile Flaws


Some people put off cosmetic dental treatment for fear it will be too expensive or take too long to complete. Though they want a brighter or more beautiful smile, they’re worried about the financial and time investment that would be required to truly make it happen. In the rush of life, it can often feel hard to commit to long-term or extensive treatments, cosmetic or otherwise. Thankfully, cosmetic bonding and contouring are two of the fastest and most affordable ways to drastically improve the appearance of a smile. If you’ve long wished for a whiter or more symmetrical smile, bonding and contouring could be the answer for which you’ve been waiting.

The Ways Bonding and Contouring Work for Your Smile

Bonding is a minimally invasive procedure that can often be completed in less than an hour during a single visit to your cosmetic dentists. During this treatment the dentist applies a composite resin material to the teeth, then carefully sculpts it to create a more symmetrical and smooth smile. Once hardened, through use of a special light, the material creates a durable enhancement. In fact, that is why it’s the same material used in most modern dental fillings.

Bonding can be used to hide permanent staining, repair jagged edges, and even create more proportionally sized teeth from those that are too small or seem misshapen. It can also cover minor gaps between teeth, allowing for drastic improvements to the esthetics of a smile.

Contouring is similar to bonding in both cost and the time of treatment, but it involves gently filing away any portions of the teeth that appear large, out of place or overlapping.