Bond Better This Thanksgiving with Dental Bonding: Part Two


It’s November, which means two things. One, Christmas will be here before you know it, and quite possibly even before you’re ready. Secondly, it’s almost time to gather with all your family around the Thanksgiving table! Chances are the grocery list has been made, and the invites sent. The sheets on the guest bed have been changed and you’re all ready for overnight guests and leftover turkey sandwiches. Before you settle in to fill your plate with stuffing and cranberry sauce, it’s time to get your smile looking its best, and bonding and contouring can help make yours shine this holiday season.

Is Bonding Right for You?

Dental bonding is a great way to correct concerns with a smile, but it’s not for everyone. People who smoke, those who are frequent coffee, soda, dark tea or red wine drinkers often prefer the added stain-resistance that porcelain dental treatments offer. Porcelain can provide durable cosmetic or restorative treatment in the form of veneers or crowns because of how closely it resembles natural teeth enamel in both strength and stain-resistance.

Bonding is durable, which is why it’s often used for modern dental fillings, but is not made to last as long as veneers. It’s also not ideal for people with high impact jobs or active in full contact sports, as the material is more prone to chipping than porcelain.

When Is Contouring the Answer?

Contouring can also be performed quickly in the cosmetic dentist’s office, but where bonding is used to correct too-small teeth or gaps between them, contouring is used to address disproportionally large teeth, or minor overlaps of the teeth.

A cosmetic dentist can usually complete bonding and/or contouring in under an hour, allowing you to leave with a greatly improved smile. Neither procedure requires any form of sedation, either, making it minimally invasive as well as fast.

Both treatments work well together to correct cosmetic concerns and are affordable, as well, which is why so many patients request them when they decide they’re ready to improve their smiles!