Beautifully Restore Your Smile With Dental Bridges

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Did you know that adult tooth loss is not an uncommon occurrence? Still, depending on the circumstances, the loss of a tooth can be painful, frightening, traumatic and even quite embarrassing for many adults. Thankfully losing a tooth does not have to mean the end of your smile as you know it. Dental bridges are one effective way to complete your smile after tooth loss, both esthetically and functionally. A dental bridge enables you to chew, speak and smile confidently, knowing your smile is whole and beautiful.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

Though dental implants are a popular choice for dealing with tooth loss, because of the way they can stimulate jaw health, a dental bridge is another excellent option. A dental bridge does exactly as its name applies. It stretches over the gap created by the lost tooth or teeth, while beautifully completing your smile.

A bridge is constructed using porcelain crowns designed to match your teeth, and a pontic, or fake tooth, also customized to fit your smile. The benefit of this form of treatment is that the crowns are affixed to the teeth adjacent to the gap, in order to help secure the bridge, and your new fake tooth, in place. This offers many patients increased confidence, because unlike dentures, the dental bridge provides a permanent restoration. They do not have to worry about it falling out during speaking or eating.

Dental bridges are also an affordable restorative treatment plan for coping with tooth loss, which is another reason some people favor them over dental implants, which can be considerably more expensive. Dental bridges can also work even if several adjacent teeth have fallen out, making them a suitable alternative for partial dentures in many cases.


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