Ask Your Dentist About Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment has helped countless patients bounce back from severe tooth decay with their oral health and bite function intact. But, still, many people worry about needing root canal treatment, sometimes fearful that the procedure will be painful or overly invasive. The truth, though, is that root canal treatment is significantly more comfortable and conservative than many people realize. With today’s advanced dental technology and techniques, your dentist can perform most root canal procedures during a single visit so you can quickly alleviate the pain of your infected tooth.

Why do I need root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a restorative procedure designed to remove oral bacteria and infected material from inside of a tooth. The tooth’s inner chamber, known as the pulp, contains the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels, and is connected to the tooth root that extends into the jawbone. When the pulp becomes infected with oral bacteria, the infection can spread through the root canal, causing more serious oral health complications. Root canal treatment removes the infection before it can spread, alleviating the pain in your tooth and restoring its strength and integrity.

Are there alternatives to root canal treatment?

Once root canal treatment becomes necessary, it means that your tooth is too damaged or decayed for a routine dental filling to suffice. The only other option will be to remove the tooth, which can become necessary if you hesitate too long to receive treatment.

Is tooth extraction preferable?

Tooth extraction will accomplish the same goal of removing the threat to your oral health. However, with the tooth missing, your bite and oral health can suffer other consequences, such as a disturbance in your bite’s balance, an increased risk of gum disease, and more. Root canal treatment is preferable to tooth extraction because it allows you to keep the remaining healthy structure of your tooth, which is far more beneficial to your long-term oral health.

If your dentist has suggested root canal treatment, then you may have several questions before opting for the procedure. To learn more, or to seek a second opinion, schedule a consultation by calling Keelan Dental in Butler, PA, today at (724) 285-4153.