Are You In Need of a Dental Crown?


When you think of dental crowns do you think of unsightly gold fixtures used to replace a missing tooth, or perhaps one that is being used to cover a badly damaged one? Dental crowns are actually far more versatile than many people think, and they can also be made in a variety of materials made to suit each smile’s needs, both functionally and cosmetically. So, if you have been nervous about seeking restorative treatment for fear that your smile will suffer esthetically, as a result, it is time to reconsider. In fact, now is a wonderful time to talk with your dentist about the many options available for restoring your smile with a dental crown!

What Crowns Are Currently Available?

Most people still think of metal crowns, but that is actually only one of the many materials from which crowns are now commonly crafted. One of the most popular is actually dental porcelain, which is not only strong and stain-resistant, it is also highly customizable. In fact, if you want a seamless way to protect a damaged tooth, a porcelain crown is often the best answer!

Because the porcelain can be shaded to match your existing teeth, and shaped to carefully match not only the size and general shape but even the contouring of your natural teeth, a porcelain crown makes for a nearly seamless form of restoration.

Of course, if the damaged or missing tooth is in a highly used area, such as a back molar, you may want something even stronger than porcelain, still without resorting to noticeable metal. In this case zirconia makes a wonderful option, which is both crafted to match teeth and incredibly strong, or porcelain-fused-to-metal can be used to marry the benefits of both porcelain and metal.

Which Is Right for You?

Determining which crown is right for you is primarily a matter of talking with your restorative dentist about your goals for treatment and any esthetic concerns you might have. That way the dentist can select a treatment that will protect your damaged tooth (or replace your missing one) in a way that is both natural-looking and long-lasting.