Are You Grinding Your Teeth Too Much?


You might not even realize you’re doing it at first. After all, grinding and clenching your teeth can often be an unconscious response to things like stress, anxiety, or pain. But if you catch yourself in the middle of grinding your teeth often, or if your sleeping partner complains that you do so at night, then you might be dealing with more than just a nervous habit. Uncontrollable teeth-grinding, known as bruxism, can be a cause of multiple different factors. If you grind your teeth too much, then you might soon find yourself contending with more than just grinding teeth.

Is It a Habit, or Is It Bruxism?

Not everyone who grinds their teeth suffers from bruxism. In fact, if your teeth are healthy and in excellent shape, then occasionally clenching them together might not put them at risk. However, bruxism describes a condition that can be influenced by an imbalance in your bite, abnormally high levels of daily stress, a jaw injury, and more. Patients who experience bruxism often don’t realize it until the condition causes damage to their teeth, making diagnosis and treatment sometimes challenging.

What You Should Do Next

If you suspect that you have bruxism, then you should schedule a dental examination with your dentist as soon as possible. The examination will reveal if any of your teeth have sustained wear or damage consistent with bruxism, and what underlying conditions may be to blame. For many patients, a custom oral-appliance can be worn at night to stop teeth from grinding together and prevent further injury to your teeth.