A Quiz on Porcelain Crowns

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Not many people are excited about the prospect of restorative dental treatment. However it is far favorable to making do with an incomplete smile after tooth loss. It’s also much better than living with pain caused by a deep cavity or infection. Plus, porcelain crowns mean you can smile proudly, knowing your restoration will be long lasting and natural looking. So once your cavity has been filled, your tooth infection has been treated, or you have had that abscessed tooth extracted, a porcelain crown can offer a great way to complete your smile and get back to life as usual.

Dental crowns are easily spotted.

False. Crowns made of dental porcelain are custom-crafted to match your natural teeth, so that the resulting restoration is lifelike and nearly unidentifiable. The porcelain used will be matched to your teeth’s shade, their size and shape, and even to their sheen, so that most people won’t even notice you’ve had any dental work done!

Crowns are pretty, but not durable.

False. Porcelain is chosen for its customizability, but also for its strength. In fact, dental porcelain is approximately 90 percent as strong as your teeth’s natural enamel. This means porcelain crowns can be used to cap or replace any missing teeth, though your dentist may recommend metal or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns for your most heavily used teeth.

Dental porcelain is prone to staining.

False. Porcelain is also stain-resistant, like your natural teeth’s enamel. You will need to brush and floss regularly to maintain your overall oral health, but you shouldn’t have to drastically alter your diet to prevent staining. That said, everyone should be careful when enjoying staining foods and drinks like berries, red wines, coffee, etc.

Crowns are unstable as replacement teeth.

False. Through the use of dental implants or dental bridges, porcelain crowns can become stable and long-lasting restorative treatments. These options utilize metal to hold the crowns in place, and the crowns themselves help keep your other teeth from shifting into the gap created after tooth loss.


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