A Family Dentist Can Help You All Take Better Care of Your Smiles: Part Two


As a parent, you do a lot to help keep your kids healthy. But is there more you could be doing to care for their smiles? Maintaining healthy teeth and gums involves combining regular dental hygiene, professional cleanings, and other smart habits, all in order to enjoy great oral health. So if your kids’ smiles are important to you, and of course they are, make sure they are taking great care of them by teaching them healthy habits that will serve their smiles well!

What More Can You Do to Keep Kids’ Smiles Healthy?

In addition to regular professional cleanings, many pediatric dentists recommend sealants, as an extra way of helping to prevent cavities. Applying them is a simple procedure, too, meaning the appointment shouldn’t take long, or be scary for your kids!

Sealants work by making it harder for plaque and other bacteria to stick to the surface of teeth, which can help prevent acidic erosion that can lead to cavities.

Remember, What They Eat Matters

Of course, caring for teeth and gums through dental hygiene and regular checkups is only part of the equation for maintaining healthy smiles. What your kids eat and drink also has a huge effect on their oral health.

To keep their young smiles healthy, make sure they’re getting a variety of fruits and vegetables, which provide wonderful nutrients for their bodies and smiles. Milk products are also helpful, as they supply calcium and other nutrients. Just make sure to choose low or no-added sugar varieties, or else you may be combatting the good you’re doing with cavity-causing sugar.

Drinking plenty of water is also important, since it helps keep the mouth hydrated, which is key to preventing plaque buildup. So don’t rely on solely on milk or juice to attempt to keep your kids hydrated. Keep in mind that sports drinks and many juices are incredibly high in sugar, so always check the label before buying.