A Family Dentist Can Help You All Take Better Care of Your Smiles: Part One

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Being a parent is hard but worthwhile work. However, it can become far more daunting and frustrating when you’re unclear what to do, or the best way to help keep your kids both happy and healthy. Caring for kids’ teeth is a common cause of confusion for many parents, particularly those that have skipped out on key preventive care, themselves. Fortunately, as a parent, you have a wonderful ally and resource in the form of your family dentist! He or she can help provide regular dental checkups and cleanings for the entire family (including you), dental sealants to help protect young teeth, and can address any questions you have. A family dentist can also help enable you to be an even better advocate for your kids’ precious smiles, and a healthy role model!

Why Checkups Aren’t Just for Kids

Skipping out on key preventive care, as a kid or an adult, can lead to unsightly plaque buildup, cavities and gum disease. But, as a parent, it can also set a poor example for your kids. Talking negatively about the dentist can also affect their feelings about getting regular oral care!

So this year, commit to making regular appointments for everyone in the family, including you. (If you have delayed appointments due to dental anxiety, talk with your dentist about sedation, which can help ease your fears.)

Most dentists recommend one cleaning every six months. However, if you are already struggling with a dental problem your dentist may suggest more frequent visits until your oral health is restored. Gum disease, for instance, frequently requires extra checkups and cleanings to prevent worsening symptoms, including eventual tooth loss. Tooth infections may also require more extensive restorative treatment, such as root canal treatment.