3 Things Your Dental Crown Can Do

Amy Uncategorized

Dental crowns are popular for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they’ve been around for longer than many other types of restorations. However, another reason for their popularity is the fact that dental crowns can do much for your smile than many people realize. Depending on your needs, your crown can restore a damaged tooth or improve a blemished tooth’s appearance, and in some cases, even replace a lost or extracted tooth.

1. Make your tooth strong again.

One of the main reasons for a dental crown is to restore a tooth that has cracked, fractured, or broken. Damaged teeth can’t repair themselves, but a dental crown can hold the tooth together while absorbing your bite’s pressure to avoid further damage to the tooth. With today’s advanced materials, your dental crown can effectively save your tooth while retaining your smile’s beautiful, healthy appearance.

2. Make your tooth look good again.

Speaking of appearance, many of today’s crowns are crafted from lifelike porcelain or zirconia, making them highly lifelike replicas of healthy, natural teeth. As such, dental crowns are often recommended for cosmetic reasons. If you have a tooth that is severely stained or cosmetically blemished, then a lifelike crown can improve its appearance, and the appearance of your smile.

3. Make your smile whole again.

Today, dental crowns can also replace teeth that have been lost or extracted. When coupled with a dental implant, which is a prosthetic for a lost tooth root, a dental crown can create a lifelike root-and-crown replica of your tooth. The crown and implant can make your smile whole again while helping preserve your long-term jawbone strength and dental crown.